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Welcome to Darin Jon Studio

Experience the Power of Green and Ecological Beauty

Why Choose Darin Jon Studio?

At Darin Jon Studio, we believe in a green and ecological approach to beauty. Our unique and simple approach, combined with experienced professionals, ensures a refreshing and sustainable experience for our clients.

An Organic Holistic Approach


We are proud to partner with Oway to bring our clients the safest and highest quality hair care products. We believe in Oway’s commitment to using the purest certified organic ingredients and avoiding toxic chemicals. Every Oway product we use is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring you get the best professional results without compromising on your values. Plus, all Oway products are recyclable and never tested on animals, so you can feel good about your hair care choices.

Meet Our Styling Team

We have a team of creative and experienced stylists who are dedicated to providing sustainable beauty solutions. Let us tell you our story and our commitment to ecological beauty.


Darin Jon

Founder & Creative Stylist

Darin Jon, with over 36 years in the creative industry, is a seasoned stylist, New Talent Educator, and owner of four Darin Jon Studio salons in California. His salons thrive on a culture of education and his Personal Signature Experience for every guest. Darin's in-house New Talent education program ensures stylists graduate with advanced technical skills and professionalism. He is passionate about creating personalized hairstyles that cater to his guests' needs and lifestyles, ensuring they can easily maintain their desired look long after they leave the salon.

At Darin Jon Studio, we deliver pure, professional results with Oway’s organic, cruelty-free hair care

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