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Our Eco-Conscious Approach

At Darin Jon Studio, we are committed to providing a new hair salon experience with a focus on a green and ecological approach. Our mission is to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our salon, from the products we use to the way we operate. We believe that by being environmentally conscious, we can make a positive impact on the world while offering top-notch hair services to our clients.

Sustainability in Action

We are dedicated to integrating awareness of environmental sustainability into our daily operations. From minimizing waste to using eco-friendly products, we strive to make a difference in the beauty industry. Our team is passionate about promoting a greener way of living and we are excited to share our journey with you.

Do you know where your product's ingredients come from? We do. Welcome to "OrtOfficina" - our 50,000 SQM of chemical-free farmland tucked away in the rolling hills of Bologna, Italy. From farm to chair: Here, we grow, pick and distill botanicals and essential oils without the use of pesticides, solvents, or polluting machines. It's where our Organic Way takes root.

Discover The Organic Way

Organic Way (Oway) is the world's first professional hair color, care, and styling line with biodynamic, organic, and fair trade ingredients.

A Holistic Approach - Oway immerses you into a multisensorial, non-toxic salon experience with healing botanicals, plant butters, and pure essential oils

Where Italian Quality Meets Nature - Our innovative green chemists hand-select formulas with the highest percentage of natural ingredients and the least amount of chemicals possible.

Beauty and Wellness Exist in Harmony - We believe you should never have to compromise your health for professional results. When you choose the Organic Way, you are deciding to create a healthier, more sustainable way of life, and beauty.

"The best hair salon experience is one that not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good about contributing to a healthier planet."

Darin Jon Studio

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